Lumen CMO strives to help make the brand <a href=""></a> name synonymous with anti-ageism

Latest TVC campaign in Australia is a good example of the dating application’s way of showcasing the present day reality to be over 50

Gaining brand name synonymity with anti-ageism could be the big aspiration for co-founder and CMO of Lumen, a fresh dating software for the over market that is 50s.

UK-based Lumen could be the brainchild of previous relationship blogger and journalist, Charly Lester, and French company partner, Antoine Argouges, and it is an answer as to the the set consider to be always a dearth of suitable dating website and apps for the over 50s space. The company has quickly been developing it self internationally, choosing Australia as the test market previously in 2010, and it has about 100,000 users locally.

This week, the brand name took the wrappers off its very very first television professional in Australia, featuring the over 50s Atlanta-based party troupe, Silver Classix Crew, doing a Tron party in Light-emitting Diode matches. In conclusion associated with the advertisement views the eight-strong troupe eliminate their hats to show their faces and many years.

Lester stated the party team may be the embodiment of Lumen’s objective to shine a light for a generation that usually feel underrepresented and hidden not merely in the dating sphere, but additionally in a wider context that is cultural.

Before the TVC, Lumen was spending mainly in billboard marketing, Twitter advertising and PR, using both a risqué and approach that is humour-based its texting. For instance, in very early marketing, the catchphrase ended up being ‘get your mum off Tinder’. In April, it was followed up with a local advertisement campaign featuring nude over-50s females keeping campaign indications.

Although the latest TVC is more thoughtful and slick than funny, Lester stated the normal thread may be the aspire to fight ageism and highlight the latest normal to be over 50.

“This is really a campaign against ageism – it is the ‘ism’ we don’t think is spoken sufficient about,” she told CMO during a trip to Sydney this week.

“We have inked plenty of research, and I speak to one hundred or higher users per time, therefore we understand this group don’t feel represented. Eighty per cent of Australians over 50 hate the marketing that targets them, and one-quarter feel underrepresented. That is a international problem.

“You see extremely few over 50s characters on television or perhaps in movie. The fact is 50 is not old, but the new 50 is not being reflected in the advertising or culture of today today.

“We wish to continue steadily to enable over 50s by reminding the main-stream news that 50 is not the finish, as well as in reality for all, it is just the beginning of the journey of dropping in deep love with yourself and perhaps also another person.”

The party troupe showcased into the latest TVC is prone to be one of the tales Lumen makes use of in its brand name tasks to display exactly what it way to be over 50 today. As being a startup with tight spending plans, Lester stated it is being targeted using its advertising programs, keeping a focus on billboards, social and online partnerships with news brands such as for instance Marie Claire and lady and Residence.

“We need certainly to test a great deal and stay extremely strategic. With this particular age bracket, there’s absolutely no rulebook to marketing for them and we’ve needed to reconsider

playbook,” she said.

Being an offering that is app-based Lumen has the capacity to see granular spikes in task and subscriptions, providing it a means to raised understand the impact of advertising promotions, Lester said.

Another advantageous asset of owning a member-based application is the use of a great deal of information that will additionally augment storytelling. For instance, Lumen people are able to select badges such as for instance if they are vegan, or consume alcohol. These might be anonymised and converted into fun and‘did that is light-hearted understand’ insights, Lester said.

No matter what strategies in play, Lester’s aspiration is always to guarantee Lumen challenges the outdated stereotypes to be over 50.

“We want become synonymous with anti-ageism. It’s a big win,” she added if I can get to a point where Lumen is recognised as a brand fighting ageism.

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