Akihabara in Tokyo is recognized because of its stores and culture of Japanese anime, manga, and games.

This informative article features five stores that visitors should truly check out for shopping and unique souvenirs, from Animate to Kotobukiya.

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Stop By Anime Paradise in Akihabara – Suggested Shopping

Akihabara in Tokyo is a very popular region for fans of Japanese anime, manga and intellectual dating websites free games. Visitors will find countless anime- and goods that are manga-related every where, making for great buying souvenirs and products.

Keep reading to learn about the five places that are top go to in Akihabara to encounter this otaku culture. Each store is welcoming to all or any visitors no matter their familiarity with manga and anime.

1. Akihabara Gamers Main Shop: A Favorite Otaku Stop

The GAMERS store is the first shop to check out upon your arrival at just a 10-second walk from the Denkigai-guchi exit (“Electric Town Exit”) of Akihabara Station. It really is well-known in Japan and is a must-see.

GAMERS is great for finding anime that is seasonal comic books, computer games and other related goods. On the first flooring, it has an impressive stack associated with the anime magazines that are latest and comics. You will find seven floors as a whole, making it very easy to invest hours here browsing and shopping.

2. Toranoana: Browse Popular Dojinshi

Have you ever heard of dojinshi? Dojinshi may be the Japanese term for self-published manga, which are comic publications that are drawn and written frequently by amateurs. They are often sold at cheaper costs than expert comics, however the quality remains very high.

Toranoana is located simply two minutes across the street that is main. Toranoana is partioned into three buildings: A, B, and C ( the image above shows building A. Building B is merely across the street). The latest dojinshi, including publications, comic publications, and light novels, are located in building A. Building B is for CD, DVDs, and Blu-rays. There’s absolutely no other place like Toranoana for shopping your chosen dojinshi!

Building C is in the 3rd flooring of Akihabara Sofmap (a property electronics retailer). They’ve a collection that is extensive of anime-related items.

Pictured above are dojinshi. Is it possible to genuinely believe that all of these are manufactured by amateurs?

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda, Soto Kanda 4-3-1 Bing Map Web Site: https://www.toranoana.jp/shop/akihabara-a/ ( page for developing A – only obtainable in Japanese)

3. Animate: Explore Eight Floors of Anime Products

Animate is another place that is ideal obtain seasonal anime items, mags, and manga. It is also well-known for catering to “fujoshi”(a self-mocking term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men) customers.

Pictured above are the “Meiji Tokyo Renka” and “Uta-no-Prince-sama” series.

4. Kotobukiya: Marvel at High-quality Figures

Image from Kotobukiya Akihabara Store: Amazing products From Model Kits To Figurines Kotobukiya in Akihabara is really a pastime store known for its creative, step-by-step figurines and model kits of anime, manga, and other fictional series. With four floors of product and a 5th floor used for occasions, clients often invest an hour or two here browsing and deciding things to take home.

The first floor has a big choice of formal product from Pokemon, Studio Ghibli, Square Enix, along with other popular franchises. Regarding the floor that is second there are many more character and series-related goods, while the 3rd and 4th floors have actually figurines and pastime kits. The products and numbers are mesmerizing in order to look at, therefore be stop that is sure even although you aren’t shopping!

5. AKIBA CULTURES ZONE: Come for the One-Stop go shopping for Anime and Cosplay products

Located simply four minutes far from the Electric Town exit of Akihabara Station, AKIBA CULTURES ZONE is really a shopping that is six-level with a theater in the cellar degree. Customers can find figures, cosplay merchandise, other pastime goods.

Try to find ACOS, a cosplay store offering wigs, costumes, and makeup, and ROBOT ROBOT, a shop with character figures from Japan and offshore. The theater holds occasions with anime voice actors and idol teams. Visitors are sure to have enjoyable check out also without much familiarity with otaku tradition in Japan.

Enjoy Shopping in Akihabara

Akihabara boasts a lot more shops besides the five introduced above. Walking around and seeking for many small shops might be enjoyable, but we also suggest visiting these major stores if it is your time that is first in.

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